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The Millionaire Goddess

Year:  2022

Genre:  Novel


When Lauren’s husband announces, on her birthday, that he no longer loves her, she decides to leave her humdrum life behind for a train trip up the coast from LA to Oregon. The things she finds along the way, including old friends, forgotten memories and trips to a strange fantasy-dreamworld lead her at last back to the happiness she has always sought but never had the courage to embrace. Filled with mystery, fantasy and humor, quirky, fascinating characters and unexpected twists, “The Millionaire Goddess” exists to shine a glimmer of hope on a world grown weary.

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Alfie And Everybody

Year:  2019

Genre:  Novel


A house divided cannot stand...that's why crutches were invented! Alfie has lost everyone in his family and he wants to get them back, but it's going to take a journey through the wacky world of his past in the mid-1970s, as well as an even stranger journey through the present, to make it happen. Along the way there will be plenty of sex, drugs, pop music and possibly even love...poignant, timely, full of crazy characters and gut-bustlingly funny, "Alfie and Everybody" is here!

I'll Be With You Shortly

Year:  2017

Genre:  Short Stories


"I'll Be With You Shortly" is a book of 23 short pieces by the author of "The Night John Died," "How To Hollywood" and "Alfie and Everybody." The book contains humor, horror, drama, romance, biography and essays on crazy toys from the late 60s. Sit back, relax and pick a card...any'll find a winning hand in "I'll Be With You Shortly."


Year:  2014

Genre:  Novel


Chris is young, beautiful, lost in LA and sick of it all. She might just survive a world that has gone insane (or has been insane all along) if she can find her way among the angels, outcasts, deviants and devils she encounters everywhere she goes...and just who IS the stranger tracking her every move and leaving her prophetic, typewritten notes? A tale of a late 80s Holden Caulfield by way of John Waters, a black-as-city-smog-humored cynical diatribe, a stream-of-consciousness joyride through the darker recesses of the human condition...whether you are offended or doubled over in laughter, you are unlikely to forget "My Name Is Christina Barry, And I Hate You."

Year:  2013

Genre:  Novel


John has been viciously murdered. The police know who killed him, when, where and how he died. Finding out why John had to die is another matter entirely. 

Welcome to the small town of Rawling, Oregon, home of the Shutter family, where bitter, middle-aged author Richard Shutter must return to unravel the secrets of his troubled family history, confront his darkest personal demons and face his worst fears. 

An epic, modern-day "Wuthering Heights" combining elements of "Prince Of Tides," Thomas Hardy, Mave Binchy and Stephen King, loaded with sex, violence, scandal, black humor and, ultimately, glorious redemption.

The Night John Died

Year:  2013

Genre:  Drawings


"Anomalous" is a text-free sketchbook packed with demented doodles from the mind of 20+ year feature-film animation veteran Scott Claus. Compiled from five years worth of notebooks, this collection is fanciful, funny, sexy, disturbing, sloppy, stupid, beguiling and completely engrossing. Stuffed with hundreds of quick, raw pen sketches on lined notebook pages, the effect is that of an undiluted, rambling memoir charting images from one artist's subconscious over a period of time, creating a new form of self expression: a "doodle-ography."

Year:  2021

Genre:  Non-fiction/Memoir


"How To Hollywood" is a narrative non-fiction account of one person's journey through the Hollywood film industry with a focus on the the world of animation film production. Working both as a “how to” style user’s manual as well as personal memoir, this work documents the rise and fall of hand-drawn animation in the 90s and the CG animation boom that is still going strong today, told from the perspective of someone who worked at major production houses such as Disney and DreamWorks. Valuable as a guide for anyone interested in the entertainment industry whether for fun or for potential work, this book offers an entertaining, up-beat, easy-to-read first-hand account of life in "the movies," with plenty of tips, tricks and anecdotes for the next generation of Hollywood hopefuls.

How to Hollywood
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