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Welcome to my website! I'm an animation instructor who has worked for Disney, DreamWorks and Rhythm And Hues studios in both traditional and computer character and effects. I also draw, write, record music, make the occasional film and I've written and produced musicals that premiered in Hollywood. Feel free to check out my work and drop me a line if you like. Thanks for stopping by!



My latest book is available on Amazon now!

"How To Hollywood" is a narrative non-fiction account of one person's journey through the Hollywood film industry with a focus on the the world of animation film production. Working both as a “how to” style user’s manual as well as personal memoir, this work documents the rise and fall of hand-drawn animation in the 90s and the CG animation boom that is still going strong today, told from the perspective of someone who worked at major production houses such as Disney and DreamWorks. Valuable as a guide for anyone interested in the entertainment industry whether for fun or for potential work, this book offers an entertaining, up-beat, easy-to-read first-hand account of life in "the movies," with plenty of tips, tricks and anecdotes for the next generation of Hollywood hopefuls.

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